Subaru Big Brake Kit Bracket 6 Piston Corvette Calipers

Subaru 6 Piston C6 Z06 Caliper Big Brake Bracket Kit

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This big brake bracket kit allows you to install C6 Corvette Z06 calipers onto the front of your Subaru BRZ, Scion FR-S, Toyota 86, Subaru WRX, Subaru Forester, and many other similar Subaru models using a 5x100 bolt pattern 326mm (12.8") 2004 STI rotor.

If you have a 2015+ WRX or Subaru STI you will need 2005+ 326mm 5x114.3 STI rotors*

If you currently have our 4 piston kit you do not need to buy this kit. We will have an upgrade kit available that will upgrade the components in your old kit to work with the 6 piston C6 Z06 calipers.

This kit requires-

  • Both front C6 Corvette Z06 calipers
  • C6 Corvette Z06 brake pads
  • C6 Corvette Z06 Caliper pin kit
  • 2004 STI 5x100 or 2005+ STI 5x114.3 326mm front rotors

Although not required, we do suggest upgrading to stainless braided brake lines. Stainless lines for your specific vehicle will work with the C6 calipers.

Our 6 Piston Subaru kit does require extended wheel studs!

Install instructions coming soon. They are almost identical to our 4 piston Subaru kit instructions except you will not need to tap your steering knuckle. You will still have to drill out the top mounting hole on your knuckle. *Please download our install instruction for part numbers. WE WILL NOT ISSUE REFUNDS FOR LACK OF READING THE INSTALL INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE PURCHASING.*